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Our Favorite Places

We thought we'd share with you some of our favorite things and places about the Bay Area. Feel free to visit this page often as we will constantly be updating it.

Yoko -

I had the pleasure of visiting the Pt Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company in Point Reyes. I would say that they specialize in a beautiful pungent blue cheese.  However, I was particularly fond of the milder Bay Blue and also their Toma which is a creamy yet hard cheese with a wonderfully mild flavor.  They offer classes, tours and events as well as Farm Dinners.  The dinner that I attended was beautiful.  We started on the patio that overlooked the Valley, had a fun tour of the facilities (saw baby animals!) and then sat down in their impressive dining space to a delicious and gorgeous dinner incorporating (of course!) their cheese.  I've also given cheese gifts to clients and friends and they are always so well received.  Finally, the Giacomini's are as nice as can be. How can you NOT support them?!?

Yoko -

A new favorite restaurant of mine is Thai Aroi Dee located on Fourth Street between E and F in San Rafael.  Just want to give them a little plug now with more to follow as I repeatedly frequent that place in the future.  It was the best Thai food I've ever had in Marin and I so hope they make it.  Give it a try!

Yoko -

Finally, Quickly has come to Marin.  Quickly is a chain of Bubble Tea stores that also serve food/snacks, frozen yogurt, gelato, sandwiches, and a whole host of yummy things yet to be discovered.  The drink meny alone is over 200 items.  I specifically go for the Bubble Milk Tea which is a cold black tea with milk and sugar and tapioca pearls.  I love to chew my beverages!


Karen - Coffee Shops are abundant in the lovely downtown area of Novato.  I love to walk the 5 mile round trip in the morning from my house and reward myself with a cup of java mid way from any of the following:  Peet's is located on 7th and Grant and the service is quick and the employees make a point to learn your name and your beverage.  Flourchylde is at 850 Grant Ave - provides a delicious mocha and the bakery treats are delectable!  I ordered a beautiful bali elephant themed cake for my daughter's 21st birthday and the outcome was fabulous.  Creekside Bakery has been in Novato for many years has a very loyal following - the home baked scones and cookies are a nice treat after a walk or just for the fun of it.


Karen - The Last Straw is a fabulous little shop in the outer Sunset of San Francisco.  I never can resist stopping by when in the City to see what new gem finds or imported hand bags that the owner, Marge Heard has displayed.  While the shop is little, it carries a variety of bags, jewelry, soaps, lotions and great gifts ideas.  I guarantee that once you go in - you will not leave empty handed.



Need a place to go for a foot rub that does not need an appointment?  Quick Fix/Art of Reflexology is located in the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco.  For $24.00 one can get a half hour  foot massage that will leave you feeling so relaxed you might just have to cab it home(!)  While working on one foot the other is kept toastie warm in a foot mitten just waiting for its turn to be relieved of all tension.   Quick Fix is located in many other malls in the East and South Bay - and I hope they find their way up North soon.



Jim- Even though I still manage to get my decades old frame out for a run three times a week, I have discovered an additional form of exercise - WALKING. Walking, to my surprise, allows one to enjoy and appreciate every aspect and quark of one's immediate surroundings. My wife and I recently parked the car in downtown Sausalito off Bridgeway and walked up the labyrinth of streets to arrive on Santa Rosa Avenue.


Numerous vantage points from Santa Rosa Avenue offer some of the most majestic views of The San Francisco Bay I have ever seen. Every twist and turn of the narrow road provides a different and unique view ranging from filtered views to stunning panoramic vistas. We played a game that we titled, "America's Greatest Parking Spot." Some of the the homes on Santa Rosa Avenue seemingly cascade down the hill with only parking decks being visible from the street.  The views from the parking decks are absolutely stunning!  From the decks, you can see the different shades of the Bay water, the sailboats doing their thing and the ferries showing all the slack-jawed tourists why our Bay Area community is such an outstanding community in which to live, play and work. So don't just take my word for it, check out Santa Rosa Avenue or any other of the beautiful streets and neighborhoods we are so lucky to have here in Marin County.

Have fun and have a nice walk.


Janelle- The Bay Area beaches are by far one of our greatest natural resources - and they are free!  It amazes me how often my family and I walk the beach and may only see two or three other faces along the way.  One little beach that deserves a visit is Kehoe Beach in Marin County.  Travel through Inverness on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and veer right onto Pierce Point Rd. as if you are headed towards the popular Heart's Desire Beach.  Just a few minutes past  Abbotts Lagoon, you will see parking on both sides of the road.  The entrance is on the left with a single outhouse (last stop).  After a short 1/2 mile walk, you arrive at what feels like a very private spot on the Pacific Coast.  Dogs are allowed on leash to the North.  There are wonderful dunes, rock out croppings, and plenty of seashore

to walk.


We are also lucky to have so many local farmers of organic and sustainable foods.  A favorite of mine is Marin Sun Farms.  The butcher shop is located in Pt. Reyes Station with both fresh and frozen meats available.  Grazing animals help sustain healthy land as the grazing process contributes to the regeneration of our native grasses.  The beef is raised entirely on pasture.  The flavor is noticably rich and remarkably different than grain fed beef.  The pastures that are used for this company are all local including "H" ranch (you pass by on the way to Kehoe Beach).  If you haven't had this product, give it a try.  Marin Sun Farms meats are also sold at Good Earth in Fairfax, Harvest Market in Novato and Paradise Market in Corte Madera.  You will also find their products in specialty stores throughout  the Bay Area.


Walking my dog provides me the dual benefit of exercise and reward for my palate.  A favorite afternoon stride along the sand at Schoonmaker Point Marina may be followed by Happy Hour at Saylor’s on Bridgeway in Sausalito.  In the mornings, a stroll at Strawberry Point (Strawberry Lagoon) will lead to a steaming caffe latte from La Boulange at Strawberry Shopping Center. After hiking the length of Stinson Beach , I’ll treat myself to coffee and croissants at the Parkside Cafe.


Teapod Organic Tea Bar in San Anselmo is currently my favorite place to sit, sip, and perhaps get some work done.  Try the Blueberry Matcha Boba Tea. Not many places in Marin have jumped on the boba tapioca pearl phenomena (which was so popular in SF when I was living there) but, this place does it and it's soooo good.  I could come here daily if it didn't make such a dent in my wallet. The bonus about this place is that the people are so nice, there is free wi-fi, and it sure is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.  I guess it's worth every penny.


Have you ever indulged in a Korean scrub and massage? Not for the shy or demure but the Imperial Spa in San Francisco will make your skin silky soft, and your muscles tingle. Enter into a communal bathing room with hot and cold tubs, and then get called upstairs for your scrub. The experience is amazing. You will be scrubbed from head to toe, front and back, rinsed, shampooed, massaged, given a facial, rinsed, soaped, and dried. They don't miss a thing. Have a little nap in the herbal room afterwards to thoroughly refresh yourself. After that, head across the street to Japantown and enjoy a wonderful meal at Maki where they specialize in traditional Japanese food and wappa-bowls. Check it out and see for yourself.