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Three keys to Success

July 24 2017
July 24 2017


July 24

Intelligence, Energy and Integrity – general keys to success and certainly for real estate agents.  In Marin, the caliber of our agent community is high.  Sometimes when I sell in an adjacent county, it feels like the Wild West out there; agents gone rogue. What makes a great agent is not how many closings you have per year but how you transact in each one of those closings.  There are amazing REALTORS that I’ve met from all across the Country who embody intelligence, energy and integrity. Therefore, it’s surprising how often I go out into the public and hear the low opinions and negative perceptions of who we are as people and how easy our jobs are;  “lazy, pushy, greedy, and sleazy.”  A handful of bad eggs create an image that we all suffer from.  We know that we wake up many days a year unemployed, that we spend thousands of dollars on keeping our licenses active, educating ourselves and on building our businesses through networking, marketing and advertising. We go out there in the world building relationships and doing the best we can for our clients.

Intelligence can arguably be something that you’re born with or that’s innate but I like to think that you can boost intelligence and become smarter by consistently training your brain to take in the intelligence of others. Surround yourself with smarter people, read books, listen to podcasts and take up some classes in something you have interest in.  Be open to other people’s opinions and see their perspective; stop judging.

Energy – we have to have grit, stamina and resolve to do this job every day. We’re self motivated, committed and driven. We work long hours, often with people surrounding us, many times with strangers. We face rejection all the time and often, our friends in the industry are those that we compete against. It’s important for our success not to take it so hard and to rest and recuperate when we can.

Integrity… we’ve signed the Realtor Code of Ethics.  If you’d like a refresh, click here… https://www.nar.realtor/sites/default/files/policies/2017/2017-Code-of-Ethics.pdf   We have a duty to fair and honest dealing, we have obligations to our clients and to our colleagues. It’s not that hard.

A comment came across my desk from a member about agents who work on a team writing offers on another team member’s listing.   Should that be transparent to the other agents who write offers as it often is when the listing agent is writing an offer on his/her own listing?  First of all, I’m not sure that even the second scenario is always transparent.  However, I think the question that should be raised is by the Listing Agent to him/herself.  Although it may be attractive to double end or have a teammate prevail on your listing, care should be taken so that the Listing Agent isn’t in a position to favor those offers in any way.  Integrity matters and the perception of integrity matters just as much.  Avoid any situation that might cast suspicion that you favor yourself or an agent in your company.  That negative talk in our community could really ruin your reputation.

MAR has a Grievance Committee and a process established so if you have a complaint against another member, you should feel like you can make a complaint.  http://marincountyrealtors.com/index.php?submenu=CodeEthics&src=gendocs&ref=GeneralInformation&category=Code%20of%20Ethics


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