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Thank You Veterans

November 13 2017
November 13 2017


If you took a three day weekend, I hope you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to thank or be with a veteran as well.  It’s a good time to remember how fortunate we are to have the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted and the luxury of watching the world unfold from our televisions and not from the front lines.  Peace, prosperity, freedom…  It’s incredible to me that we don’t take better care of veterans in this country. Why are there so many on the streets, not getting the physical and mental care that they deserve?  Why is it so difficult to find a listing agent who is willing to work with a VA buyer? In my opinion, the VA loan is another example of a government fail. Instead of truly offering a benefit that gives a veteran a competitive edge, we have a loan product that complicates things for everyone. We don’t come across many in Marin because the housing prices exceed the loan limits but I hope that if you have the opportunity to represent or consider an offer brought to you by a VA buyer; that you give it serious consideration. It’s not as straightforward as a “normal” sale but it’s really not that difficult either. Work with a lender who has experience and be a professional; educate the agent on the other side and navigate your way through the sale by explaining each step to your buyer and the other side. I’ve only done it twice but it’s really rewarding to go through the process.  What’s sad is that in both cases, the veteran buyer couldn’t understand why sellers weren’t eagerly accepting their offer that often times beat others out in price. Both times however, going through the process of finally getting an offer accepted and a home for them was totally worth some of the struggle.  Not because there was a large payday at the end but because of the friendship with and satisfaction gained through helping someone who has helped me and this country. I felt honored to have helped in just a small way.

As we huddle and get cozy in our homes, let us also not forget about the fires and the impact that they’ve had on our communities.  Many are still in transitional housing and in need of help.  Most organizations are taking cash or gift cards and there’s plenty of need.  A recent article from the CA Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones sheds light on what’s happening in the insurance world. (Thanks Anna Roberts for sending it my way!)  In addition, If you are a fire victim or you know fire victims, call the Department of Insurance consumer services hotline at 1-800-927-4357 with any questions or complaints.  The Wildfire Resources page is also very helpful.

We are catapulting fast and furious into the Holiday season.  Costco this week was lit up like Christmas and I suspect everyone else is too.  But before we get to Santa and all his merry, tis the season to be grateful and generous for all that we have and hold dear. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as we simply celebrate family, friends, gratitude and food.  Please also remember to regroup and take care of yourselves. Sleep a little longer and stop pushing so hard.  Don’t forget to mail back your surveys and please buy your tickets early to MAR’s Holiday Installation luncheon where we’ll hear from 2018 MAR President, Mark Machado and welcome the new board.  I guess it’s time to start counting down the days until my term is finished!


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