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Some Easy Things to Do

November 06 2017
November 06 2017


It was made known to us that one of our REALTOR members, Diane Hoffman passed away this week. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

I hope that you have answered the most recent Calls for Action from both CAR and NAR opposing the Congressional Tax Cut and Jobs Act that was released this past week.  Their proposal caps the mortgage interest deduction to the interest on a principal mortgage of $500,000. No more deductions on 2nd homes or home equity loans.  It also eliminates State and Local income tax deductions and extends the qualification period for exclusion of capital gains on a primary residence to 5 out of the last 8 years.  All of these are a disincentive to home ownership and in a State where home ownership is already low, this tax reform puts us directly on the path to becoming a renter state.  So if you haven’t already responded, you can take action now by clicking the link HERE.  It’s easy… just enter your info and press send.

Speaking of easy things to do…. Please watch in your mailboxes for a survey from MAR. You might ask, “Why would they MAIL me a survey?” How quaint or antiquated.  Well, it’s because the response rate for emails has been woefully low in the past and we really want your opinion.  The purpose of the survey is to actually find out what our membership wants from us.  What type of benefits matter, events you might attend, education that’s meaningful so that hopefully, we can tailor what we do to help you in your business next year.  All you need to do is answer 20 questions, stuff it back in the already stamped and addressed envelope and pop it in the mail.  For that, you’ll get a Peet’s gift certificate and a chance to win….  FREE dues for a year, $200 at the Left Bank, or a $100 gas card. Not too shabby.  Please help us help you.

You may have seen that video that went out in the Friday email.  Or perhaps you didn’t see it because you don’t open emails from MAR in which case it’s probably useless to post it HERE.  Apparently, video marketing is still the “thing” of the moment.  Video marketing has been shown to increase leads, doubles click through rates, and reduces opt outs of your email marketing.  Inman also says 85 percent of buyers and sellers want to use an agent who uses video and homes listed with video get four times the inquiries over homes without it.  For me and most everyone I know however, the time to capture any interest from a video is about 7 seconds after which I’ll shut it down.   Don’t waste time making small talk or including a lot of “so” and “ums”.  Make them any combination of the following: funny, creative, short, provocative, or memorable.  Then create your channel on YouTube and share it widely and often.  To read the full article, https://www.inman.com/next/by-the-numbers-how-to-focus-your-video-marketing-for-the-biggest-return-on-investment/


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