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September 11 2017
September 11 2017


It’s Monday – Hurricane Irma rages in the Southeast and today is September 11th, Patriot Day. A national day of service and remembrance for those who died in 2001. There will likely be a point in the day where you recall where you were in 2001 and how that day unraveled before your eyes. It was certainly surreal for me, especially since I was in the midst of decorating for a massive party for the employees of a large bank with offices in San Francisco and in the WTC. Needless to say, that party never happened.

It’s a day to remember our losses, and importantly, our blessings. A great day to commune with nature, our loved ones, and to bring comfort into our lives and to others.

Thank you for taking action on recent alerts calling for the re-authorization of the NFIP.  President Trump has signed a 3 month extension of the program which will allow Congress to come up with a more long term solution. Without the availability of flood insurance, imagine what the country would do in places like Houston, New Orleans, and now Florida.

The world is full of things we can’t control. The weather, other people, the Equifax breach, politics, etc…. but the one thing you have complete control over is yourself and your actions. Your boundaries, the events and people that you engage with and which energize you. The lessons and perspectives that you choose to learn.  Start the Fall season with some great information. Don’t forget tomorrow’s General Membership Meeting with our guest, Robert Eyler, the Chief Economist from the Marin Economic Forum.  Come and connect with your Marin REALTOR community and meet your MAR 2018 Leadership slate of candidates.

And for some run this season, please save the of November 3rd and register HERE for our Monte Carlo in Marin night at the Elks Club. Dress up and come play with us; casino games, music, and dinner by Stacy Scott.


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