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Let's Have Some Fun

September 25 2017
September 25 2017


What do dressing up, eating great food, hearing fun music, hanging out with cool people and winning have in common!?  Yes, that’s right, our next MAR event which is our Monte Carlo in Marin evening at the Elks Lodge in San Rafael.  You may think “Elk’s Lodge?” but if you haven’t been in recent years, you must come and turn around any perceived ideas you may have about it being a tired, old club.  It’s become a fun place for the community and their families to hang out.  Inexpensive drinks, a retro pool, hosted dinners, and events.

Today’s world as we know it may all come crashing to an end at some point in the near future if the “Dotard” and the “Supreme Leader” from the East continue to clash... Or if terrorists take our Equifax information and compromise us in a big way…  Or if a major earthquake wipes out the Golden Gate Bridge and all points South.  So…. take advantage of the opportunity to play and party as much as you can.  Enjoy life, wipe your worries away for an evening and eat some dessert already.  Register HERE.

You all probably know by now that I'm always looking for insights into human behavior or finding lessons to learn from. Yesterday, I had a small aha moment.  I was signed up for my first "race" in almost 2 years, the Napa half marathon.  Turned out, I also had an open house that afternoon so i decided to just run the 1/4 distance and pace my girlfriend through half of her race. I hadn't raced all year because “I wanted to spend a year free of porta potties.”  Driving into Napa 2 hours early made encountering one of the blue cubicles inevitable and I viewed it as just a necessary evil. On the approach to the parking lot however, I started to get butterflies in my stomach, dry mouth, and regret of having signed up. I rationalized with self talk, "it's just over 6 miles, easy breezy distance, you don't have to push hard, just enjoy the day with your friend, it's a beautiful morning..."  and what I realized was that I hadn't felt the intense discomfort of racing in a long time.  In fact, I've had very little discomfort in my life lately which explains the lack of breakthroughs as well. This past year, I’ve been wallowing in a pretty easy life, not pushing hard, fairly complacent, conserving energy and bumbling along.  Frankly, it’s been a little boring.

So I needed this awareness to remind myself that if I'm not growing, I'm dying.  And it’s time to start with some new goals and ambitions. And rather than months of nothing followed by a burst of activity, it's probably best to take incremental steps towards my goals and stop procrastinating, wasting time and goofing off. And then I found this article and it spoke to me so I'm sharing.

It’s almost the end of the year and time to start your business plan and goal setting for 2018. I hope you get uncomfortable from time to time and obtain fantastic results because of it.



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Chava Crosby

April 29, 2018 8:14 AM

Thnak You.


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