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Let's Get to the Point

October 30 2017
October 30 2017


Things to do that I put aside… like freezing my credit.  The Equifax breach feels like old news in light of everything else that’s transpired since then.  However, a very responsible friend of mine and I were discussing her freezing her credit and because of my sheer unwillingness to spend 10 minutes figuring out how, she sent me this article.  I love the title, “I Just Want To Freeze My Credit, Not Read Your Friggin' Article”  Here is the link


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December 18, 2017

Happy Holidays!

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Top of the News

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Winding down the year

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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November , 2017

Thank You Veterans

If you took a three day weekend, I hope you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to thank or be with a veteran as well.  It’s a good time to remember how fortunate we are to have the freedoms that we ...