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Happy Holidays!

December 18 2017
December 18 2017


December 18

It’s easy to forget about Christmas spirt and the joy of the season when traffic is snarled, shopping isn’t done, relatives are fighting, the MLS doesn’t seem to work and that house still isn’t selling…

The Christmas season is meant to have a jolly, jovial and generous essence. People willing to share and take company in each other with gratitude; lights and decorations that drive away the darkness. It symbolizes hope and beginnings, knowledge and safety, generosity and charity.  And it’s coming this weekend!!  So, as much as I want to be all of the above and more, there are about a million things that must be done in the limited time I have left this week and one of them is completing this last Monday memo!

I had good intentions of having something meaningful to say for my last memo. But coming up short is sometimes the way life goes.  So I’ll end with just my heartfelt gratitude for everything 2017 has brought me through this journey; fond memories, several new challenges, stronger friendships.  I’m happy that Mark is taking over the reins soon so that he can experience the fulfillment and joy that this position brings.  I’m looking forward to 2018 and all the aspirations I have for the upcoming year and I hope that you all have many wonderful magical things to look forward to and experience as well. Happy Holidays!


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