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Fired Up and Ready to Go

September 09 2017
September 09 2017


My social media feed has been full of wonderful summer vacations and getaways. I was lucky enough to take 3 weeks this summer with my family in Europe and I came back energized and ready to work again.  I hope you were able to recharge in some way as well. I heard a great analogy today that compared humans to computers.  When you reboot a computer, it always works better.  If we realize that the same rings true for us, then we should take more time to reset, recharge, and rest.  More vacations for us!

As I look back at my past week however, I realize that I was back at running at 100 mph. Often, our jobs and lives require us to be ON all the time. However, we most likely aren’t equipped to handle that speed or intensity all the time.  Sometimes we thrive on being busy and stressed, on caffeine and adrenaline but it’s just a matter of time before we suffer some sort of burnout and fail to perform as well as we’d like to.  Just a reminder to take a brief pause to envision how your day is going to play out. What if you took a few minutes in the morning or before a meeting to collect your thoughts and decide who you want to show up as.  Create moments where you’re forced to slow down throughout the day, such as a walk with the dog to Starbucks or to sit and have breakfast with your kid before piling into the car.  Maybe even arriving at an appointment 15 minutes and just sitting in the car!  Small shifts to take a breath and slow down to connect with nature, important people or things that are good for your spirit.


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