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Cure for the Summertime Blues

June 26 2017
June 26 2017


June 26ths

I’ve hit the summertime blues.  Consistency is so fleeting.  Just a short 1 month ago, I was riding high on life. My routines were established. I felt healthy, vibrant, alive and happy to be charting my course through new and exciting territories. I felt like a vivid explorer, fearless navigator and had a peek into the promise of infinite possibilities.  I was productively busy but not stressed.

Fast forward to these past few weeks. I’ve been watching television constantly.  It started with catching up on the entire season of the Amazing Race. And then binge watching House of Cards while breeding fascination and disgust at the same time. Follow that by several daily episodes of Jane the Virgin for comic relief.  Mind you, I haven’t watched ANY tv in almost a year.  My morning routine that I had crafted so precisely and regularly (The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs) has gone by the wayside.  I’m lucky if I can get upright and have a cup of coffee before getting sucked into my day.   My diet has been terrible; ranging from pizza to chips to pasta and bread; all things that generally make me fat and tired.  Not to mention work, or the lack of it. I have a vacation in exactly 1 month and there’s some evil monkey in my brain who has corrupted me into thinking that IF I get a new client now, it would be a shame since I’ll be gone for three weeks.  Hence, I’m not prospecting; I spend a lot of time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram while I sit at my desk and pretend that I’m working. People on social media aren’t actually happy and perfect all the time, right?

I spoke to my doctor a few weeks ago and explained my problem… weight gain, tired, unmotivated… she did a blood panel for me and it was fine. I complained to a nutritionist the other day and she basically rolled her eyes at me and said, “eat less and exercise more.”  Simple, stupid.

So, I’ve pushed the reset button. Back to reading books rather than mindless tv. Back to eating “clean” foods that give me energy and I managed 2 bike rides yesterday; both without crying.  I’m already feeling better after two days. AND, I commit to making some calls to clients this week. Progress is slow and it’s one step at a time but I have 30 days until my vacation and I can do it!

Briefly, I want to circle back to the “non-contingent” offer topic of a few weeks ago. Some agents have been proactive and have scheduled pre-inspections before the offer due date so that they can write a non-contingent offer on the property.  It could be a win win for everyone involved, however, please make sure you ask the Listing Agent/Seller for permission and respect what they say.  It can increase the Seller’s risk and liability to have people tramping about their home.  In addition, be careful about volunteering information about the inspection to them unless they ask.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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