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Are You Prepared?

October 23 2017
October 23 2017


October 23, 2017

Fall is a perfect time to plan for the upcoming year.  A time to reflect on this year’s successes as well as where we’ve fallen short. The recent fires have encouraged my conversations with loved ones around planning for disaster and even death. Do you have your affairs in order should something happen to you or any of your family?  Hopefully you won’t have go through a fire of any magnitude but the possibility certainly exists that a sizable earthquake could come rumbling through the Bay Area. There are many supply lists out there but this one is simple and covers all the bases.  Janelle Fazackerley, REALTOR with Front Porch Realty Group and her husband Jim are local experts in disasters and have provided this resource.  No doom and gloom intended, simply a tool for you to be better equipped to handle your ability to have what you need in case something happens.


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