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I really wanted to thank Carole Cunnington for showing us around San Francisco and helping seal the deal on a place.  It really made it easy being with someone familiar in the market and creative getting in my price range.  I’ll be back in touch when it’s time to move next year!  

Alex |
San Francisco

We are so grateful for all Karen Robertson Strain's help and generosity during this stressful and exciting time in our lives.  She made everything go so smoothly and made us feel as if we were her only clients.  We really appreciate all she did for us.  Karen, Yoko Kasai and the rest of the Front Porch team made this transaction a real pleasure.

Alisa |

Janelle Fazackerley was an outstanding agent, taking us through each step thoroughly, keeping us informed as to the progress of our sale and always being there for us during the process.  We have no desire to move again in our lifetime, but, if we did, we would definitely contact her.

Allen and Joan |
San Rafael

We have known Yoko Kasai on a professional and personal level for many years.  When it came time for us to purchase our first home, we thought of no one else but her to represent us.  Buying a home for the first time can be an emotional experience but Yoko helped us navigate through the variety of decisions and options.  Her research was thorough and we felt that she always had our best interest in mind.

It turned out to be a great experience.  My wife and I were very pleased.  We found the perfect first home and are thoroughly enjoying it.  Yoko helped us from beginning to end.  We would definitely use her again and recommend her to any prospective buyers or sellers.


Ben and Michele Shih |
San Rafael

Brook Terhune was wonderful to work with.  Professional, friendly, on time and courteous, my wife and I had a great experience with Brook as our Realtor.  Not knowing the area, the school districts or the neighborhoods of the city we wanted to move too, Brook was very resourceful and helpful in getting us all the information we needed to make a well informed decision.  She even showed us a home that had been owned by a childhood friend of hers, which made us feel very comfortable with her and her knowledge of the area.  We will definitely use Brook again as our Realtor next time we sell or buy and would highly recommend her to anyone looking at real estate in Sonoma County.


Benjie & Lauren Kushins |
Sonoma County

Janelle Fazackerley helped us find and purchase our very first home in Sausalito (Marin County), where we are happily living in what we consider our "place of sanctuary".  These few lines of appreciation may not adequately express what a "blessing" it has been to meet Janelle!  She made what can be a complicated and enormous task into a process that was extremely well organized, proficient in each step, and calm (peaceful) admist my own anxiety in purchasing a first home.  Janelle conducts her services with an utmost caliber of professionalism. proficiency, skill, expertise, and integrity.  Beyond that, she "connected with me" in a manner that put me at ease from beginning to end-with her warm, sincere, and genuine spirit.  Janelle puts the compassion into her passion and resonates that depth of sincerity.  I consider Janelle a blessing...that stepped into my path.

C. Harrison |

I just had the best real estate experience of my adult life - all thanks to Brook Terhune's integrity and customer service.  This is not the first time I have sold and purchased real estate.  However, with Brook's guidance, this was far and above The Best experience I ever had.  Customer Service is at the center of the experience working with Brook.  Brook goes above and beyond any previous realtor I have ever used, whether it was the purchase of my home or the sale of my home, Brook always made certain that I knew what was happening and any questions about the process were answered - sometimes even before the questions were asked!  Brook was always one step ahead.
I cannot recommend Brook enough, if you are looking for a real estate agent, look no further.  You have found the best when you found Brook.

Cheryl |
Sonoma County

Janelle Fazackerley made our home buying experieince a true pleasure.  She took the time to make sure we were in the right neighborhood and price range.  We never felt pressured nor did we feel that Janelle was "going through the motions" of the real estate transaction.  We appreciate her professionalism and patience during our lengthy search, and that she has stayed in contact with us after the sale.

Christa and Matt |
San Rafael

Hard to put all our admiration into a few words, but here goes: From the beginning to the end of our real estate experience, Brook Terhune has been with us; helping and advising, and explaining, and making the whole nerve-wracking experience into a delightful one.  She has an almost magical touch, and assisted us in ways we had never considered, such as helping find a realtor to market the property we were selling in another state. Even after we found the property of our dreams in California, she continued to advise us!   Her pride and dedication clearly shows in everything she does, and we would not hesitate to recommend her in the strongest possible terms, to anyone needing anything in the realm of real estate.


Christy & Chuck Smith |
Sonoma County

When we found out that we were expecting our first baby, we were overwhelmed with joy.  Suddenly, our lives were soon to see another big change, as a new job opportunity in Marin County materialized.  Living previously in Los Angeles , we needed to find a new home as soon as possible.  Needless to say, we were very apprehensive about this big challenge while our baby girl was due in only 3 months.  Jim Maloney was our realtor and understood our unique situation.  He was instrumental in guiding us as first time home buyers and tended to our every need.  He showed outstanding professionalism and accurate insight into the world of real estate.  We felt very comfortable with his advice and trusted his instincts.  As a result, we found the house of our dreams and moved in with one month to spare before our beautiful daughter was born.  This would not have been possible without Jim, and we will always be indebted to him.  He showed endless patience with our numerous questions and phone calls, and he was always accessible.  We have recommended him to our friends and the feelings are unanimous regarding his impressive work ethic, dedication, resourcefulness and great personality.


Dan Maloney M.D. |

Karen Robertson StrainYoko Kasai and the company of Front Porch Realty Group were involved through sale/purchase of previous home to purchase/sale of new home, plus extended assistance in many aspects, on a personal level reaching out after the move, which is just not the practice of real estate agents.  Took occupancy July 10th, 2015! You do the math, on the market middle of February 2015, signed, sealed and delivered July 10, 2015.  Remarkable!!

Darlene |

I would like to share with others the overall positive real estate experience I had thanks to realtor Jim Maloney. I would think that during these trying times in the real estate and financial markets, there are not too many "positive experiences." However, I  feel assured, good times or bad, Jim will give you such a feeling during your real estate relationship.

Jim's philosophy seemed to be complete satisfaction for his client from the start. He cared enough to spend time understanding my goals, tastes, and financial ability, which all led to a personally tailored approach to my search for a condominium.

Jim's availability during our venture was more than generous. He was always ready to go when I wanted to view a property, or even if I just needed to ask a question. However, Jim was so proactive throughout the process I rarely needed to ask questions!

When I was ready to make an offer on a property, Jim was ready to use his personalized approach to writing offers. His foresight to provide more rather than less in regards to impressing the seller with our preparedness was the key in getting our offer selected from several others on the table.

Once our offer was selected, Jim offered the services of so many other qualified individuals, from mortgage brokers, to title officers, handymen, home inspectors...I felt I had the strongest possible team to get me thru the process timely and error free. Needless to say, Jim's background in finance kept me from having to search much farther for all my questions through the closing.

 Soon enough, my purchase met all closing deadlines and contingencies without a stumble, and what seemed improbable in this market became reality, without even one sleepless night!

From this transaction and forward, I will recommend Jim to anybody I have a real estate conversation with. I am completely satisfied.


Dave Puccini |

I felt as if Karen Robertson Strain was an angel in disguise! I really mean it, amazing the workings of God.  Thank you from my heart for being so very kind and generous with your time and caring words to me.  There is a special place in heaven for you, as we say in Ireland.  I thought Lynn was a delightful lady and believe we will get along famously.  The cottage is smaller then mine, but so darling, you were right.  I was not about to ignore the angel!  With a little creativity, it will look fantastic. Thank you again Karen, you were really sent my way.  

Ellie |
San Rafael

We have purchased homes many times in our lives and Brook Terhune was one of the most professional real estate agents we have ever employed. Her attention to detail and follow up are unparalleled. She was always pleasant and helpful even in the most difficulty and trying times of loan approval. Brook listened to our home needs and gave us the best choices in the area that met our needs without wasting our time with under or over priced homes. There are no aspect of the buying and selling process that Brook did not help us without being obtrusive or overbearing and therefore we would most heartily recommend Brook to anyone looking to buying or selling their home. You will not be disappointed!

Gene Hulsey |
Sonoma County

I worked with Brook Terhune as a buyer and she literally took me to more than 60-70 houses!! I was amazed by her willingness to take that kind of time for me. I felt like she kept my best interests at heart above everything else- including her commission. I would recommend her to anyone and would trust her with any of my real estate needs. She is professional, hard-working, and fun to know as a person.”

Georgia Pedgrift |
Sonoma County

Brook Terhune walked me through every emotional step of buying my first home. When I first talked to her about buying a home, she sat down with me and described why she does what she does and why client relationships are so important to her. I loved spending time with her and she kept the process comfortable during the whirlwind two months. She fought tooth and nail for me when there was a problem with the appraisal. She went above and beyond and I especially appreciate that she let me be low key.”     


Gina Mayclin |
Sonoma County

Grass Valley

Karen Robertson Strain, we are happy to share with you that we have closed on our new home in Grass Valley.  It's everything we were hoping for when we first sat down with you several months ago.  Thank you for your guidance and for your referral of Mary.  We're very excited about this new adventure of home ownership and we are embarking on and we appreciate the part you played in getting the ball rolling.  Thank you.



Heather and Denise |
Grass Valley

Buying a home for the first time, can be a daunting process; however, Jim Maloney helped me navigate through the rough waters so I could land the house of my dreams.  He made me feel reassured and at ease throughout the process.  He has tremendous experience in the realty field, is an excellent communicator and advocates strongly on behalf of his clients.  I've had a wonderful year in my new home and continue to refer people to Jim.  I'd be more than happy to answer any questions prospective clients may have. 


Jessica Keane M.D. |

Karen Robertson Strain did a stellar job with our home sale, and went way over the top with her role of coordinating the remodeling to get the house ready for sale.

It's nice of Front Porch Realty Group to make charitable donations with each closing. We have supported Save the Children in the past, so we will choose them. They always get extremely high ratings from the charity evaluators.


Jim |
San Francisco

I really enjoyed working with Karen Robertson Strain, she is a dedicated professional and hard working realtor.  She helped me sell my property in Sonoma and found the house I purchased in Novato.

When I went thru the process of selling my Sonoma property I had to deal with contingencies and Karen kept in constant touch with me and the County to make sure the permits I needed were processed on schedule so that escrow closed on time.  This was a first time process for me and Karen went out of her way to make sure everything went smoothly and she explained everything in detail so that I was always informed of all procedures.

When it came to me purchasing my home in Novato she listened to my desires and specifications I wanted and within two weeks I found the home of my dreams.  I appreciate her dedication to her craft and always going the extra mile to help you out.

Jo-Ann Collins |


I partnered with Karen Robertson Strain and Jim Maloney of Front Porch Realty in the sale of my home in Marin County.  What I thought would be a stressful and overwhelming event in my life became such a positive experience with Karen and Jim at the helm!

Karen’s direction and guidance far surpassed my expectations of what I imagined a realtor could / would do.  Not only is she knowledgeable and resourceful in this industry, but her follow up and follow through is outstanding – often going above and beyond in providing myself with additional knowledge and resources.  She always communicated promptly and so efficiently, always following up verbal conversations via email.

Jim’s advice and consult was always strategic, providing a complementary balance.  He welcomed any and all questions throughout the process, invited dialogue and always balanced it with his thoughts and expert advice.  As an advocate for his clients, Jim also took the time to build relationships with others involved in the process of the sale of our home.  Because of this, the trust he built, the professionalism and his friendly demeanor with others helped ease the process of working with others in the sale.

Karen and Jim took the time to understand my priorities and concerns in the sale of my home and kept that focus all of the time, always ensuring they were advocates for me. Not only did they bring their expertise to the table but what stands out most is the time they took to build a very genuine and personable relationship with me. 

The buying or selling of a home may happen a few times in one’s life and may only be transactional.  The good fortune of partnering with Karen and Jim of Front Porch Realty is that the experience will become a lasting impression and becomes a lasting relationship.  I recommend Karen and Jim of Front Porch Realty to anyone looking to buy or sell their home - it will be a positive experience and they will build a professional, trustworthy relationship with their realtors!


Joanne Samson |

From my experience, dealing with Yoko Kasai in the home-finding business was as smooth and comfortable as one may expect and hope.  She brings not only her expertise, keen eye and understanding of the process, but has a personal commitment  which is beyond the call of duty.  She is knowledgeable about the market, a great negotiator and has your best interest at the heart of her service.  I would not think of doing business with anyone else for my next home purchase!

Julie Chavez |

Karen Robertson Strain....thank you for all your help you gave to Rich.  This whole process was such a "trying" experience and I don't think he could have hung-in-there as long as he did without your help and encouragement.  We admire your fortitude, patience and all the hard work and effort you put into helping Rich get his house.  He was lucky to have found you.  I'm so glad we were able to meet you too!  Thank you Karen, for all of your hard work and thoughtfullness.



Kathy and Frank |

Yoko Kasai consistently provides a spectacular response to our real estate inquiries.  Her attention to detail is always apprecited whether it is in regards to our economic or aesthetic needs.  During our last home purchase, her calm demeanor helped us stay on course throughout the transaction and our transition from out of state was painless.  We consider her an excellent REALTOR and friend an would refer her to anyone we knew who was buying or selling a home in the Bay Area.    



Keith and Cindy Olinger |
Mill Valley

Whether buying or selling your home you can trust Janelle Fazackerley and her Front Porch Realty Team to represent you with professionalism, expertise, complete transparency and a guiding hand to maximizing the process and always have your best interests in mind.  She takes an overwhelming and emotional process and transforms it into a comfortable, empowering and rewarding experience.  We greatly appreciate Janelle’s diligence, dedication and white-glove personalized approach.  We know we can refer Janelle and Front Porch Realty with confidence.



Kelly L. and Kelly H. |
Forest Knolls

Brook Terhune  was attentive and thoughtful.  She demonstrated the ability to support her client’s decisions while not making personal decisions for her client.  A difficult task handled well.

Linda Tavis |
Sonoma County

Karen Robertson Strain not only helped me sell a house, she helped me through the very emotional sale of my childhood home of 45 years. She and her colleagues were spot on with their advice regarding price and how much to invest in preparing the house for sale. They made excellent referrals, from painters to inspectors to window washers. We were concerned when a house across the street went up for sale the same week, but the owners of that house did the opposite of what Front Porch recommends, and while my house sold in two weeks, the house across the street is still on the market. My house received multiple offers the day of the open house and Front Porch expertly advised me on how to handle that. Also, the entire process went smoothly, despite the fact that I live in another country with a 13 hour time difference.

Lisa Swenarski |
San Francisco

I cannot be more pleased with the comprehensive service and support I received from Yoko Kasai and all of the Front Porch Realty Group Team.  The particular situation involved in the sale of my sisters’ home due to illness was very traumatic to the family. The complete professionalism and responsiveness of Yoko were incredible throughout the process, and turned what was a complex, mind-boggling process into almost a non event.  I am and will remain eternally grateful for Yoko’s support and efforts on my and my familys’ behalf, and cannot thank her enough.  I would recommend the Front Porch Team to anyone contemplating the sale of their home without reservation. They are simply the best!!

Mike Flynn |
United Kingdom

Brook Terhune was amazing and made the process of selling my home very easy. She was always available and touching base with me, regarding potential buyers and the overall status of my listing. Her professionalism and care for her clients made my experience pain free. I look forward to Brook as my Realtor when I buy my next home and certainly recommend her to friends and family.


Mike Werle |
Sonoma County

I have hired Brook Terhune two times in selling and buying a home. She is wonderful at what she does. We got exactly what we wanted and she was there every step of the way. I would refer Brook to anyone.



Nick and Tanja Werle |
Sonoma County

We met Karen Robertson Strain in the midst of trying to sell our condo. Just a little background - after 2 very stressful years and 3 real estate agents, we still couldn't get out of this nightmare of a mortgage, and was given the runaround by 3 lender banks. 

Karen came in, and from the very beginning, she showed nothing but professionalism and dedication. It was almost magic, I don't know how she did it, but she was able untangle this web of paper and phone calls, and dig up parts of the contract that even banks didn't know about. We were so happy to finally get a short-sale on our own terms - something that I now firmly believe, wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Karen. 

In addition to being an agent extraordinaire, she is also a wonderful and warm human being, which made our encounter that much more enjoyable.

Nina |
San Rafael

Sonoma County

I think many people would agree that excellence in business will always be a rarity. I don't know why, but it is. My experience interacting with Brook Terhune was a rare example of excellence in business. You can train someone to be technically proficient but finding someone with the right attitude is far more difficult. Brook understands at a deep level how working in a spirit of cooperation and professionalism results in good outcomes. In our transaction together our clients were very happy, everyone got what they wanted and the stress level was nil. Here attention to detail was one of the best experiences I've ever had. But mostly she understands what it takes to bring everyone together in a real estate transaction and have a smooth outcome. I am nothing but grateful. Thank you Brook!

Peter Axtell |
CPS Realtor

Brook Terhune is the epitome of a relationship Realtor. She works with her clients from beginning to … She follows up and follows through continuing to provide sound advice to her clients even after they have bought or sold their homes. If you want a communicative, professional Realtor, call Brook.

Ray Giampaoli |

I highly recommend Front Porch Realty Group and Yoko Kasai in particular. Yoko brought a high level of professionalism, commitment, and positive energy to the project. I’ve worked with other realtors in Marin and none have come close to the diligence and  communication that Front Porch provided. Front Porch utilizes cutting edge technology to make the process as seamless as possible and  the attention to detail was outstanding. I will certainly use their services again.

Ray Nelson |
San Rafael

Within an hour of meeting with Karen Robertson Strain and her partner Janelle Fazackerley, I felt immediate comfort and confidence that I would be working with the right real estate professionals to help me through the emotional experience of selling my late father’s property.

Karen was in constant communication with me to answer any questions, and she was on top of every detail to make the transaction run as smoothly as possible.  Karen handled any glitches to minimize the stress for me. 

I’ve worked with other realtors in the past for my own home purchases, but never had such a pleasurable experience from start to finish.


Rob Springett |
San Rafael

I would like to recommend Janelle Fazackerley as the best real estate agent I could ever have hoped for.  She made the process of looking for, and ultimately buying my home, as painless and free from stress as possible.  She was very patient and understanding as I changed my mind several times with regard to location and type of property I wanted.  I appreciated her accommodating my schedule so that I did not often need to take time off of work to see homes.

Something that I found quite exceptional was the fact that she so obviously had my best interest as the primary consideration when suggesting homes to see.  In the end the home she found, which I purchased, cost 100K less than the top price limit I had set, which naturally reduced the size of her commission considerably from what it could have been.

Because of her experience, she was able to guide me through making an offer on the home I wanted without paying more that the property was worth.  It was a bit un-nerving offering more than the asking price in a competitive bid situation, but I was thrilled when my offer was accepted and even more thrilled when the home appraised for more than my offer.

She did a fantastic job orchestrating the timing of closing so that I would qualify for both the Ca. and federal tax credit programs.   Janelle was a real pleasure to work with.  She has my highest recommendation and I would be happy to answer questions from prospective clients regarding my very positive experience working with her.

Ron Siqueira |

We have purchased two condos for investment purposes in the past fifteen months, both with Jim Maloney’s representation. Not only is Jim a consummate professional, but has the ability to take the stressout of a stressful situation. We would evaluate both experiences as positive and pleasurable, not stressful, and traumatic.

Russ and Annie |
San Rafael

I want to thank both Karen Robertson Strain and Janelle Fazackerley for the extraordinary effort they put in to complete the sale of my home in a short sale situation.

In addition to the typical services provided by realtors - listing, showing, negotiating with the buyers, etc. - you handled the negotiations with the lenders.  They were patient, yet firm, and followed up as needed to move the process forward as quickly as possible under the circumstances.  Although I expected this, it was a huge relief to not have to deal with Capital One and Wells Fargo directly.

The value added piece was the understanding and compassion they showed me as I dealt with this emotionally challenging financial situation.  I thought I had processed all of my emotions around this transaction prior to the sale, and yet tears came to my eyes as I signed the final papers at the escrow office.  Karen, having you there at my side was immensely helpful.

Thank you again for this excellence service.  If I am able to get back into the real estate market in the future, I will look to you for assistance in finding a new home.


Sandra |
San Rafael

Yoko Kasai was amazing through the sale of our old condo and the purchase of our new loft in San Francisco.  She was extremely attentive to details and kept us updated on progress of the sale of our old home, as well as the purchase of our new home.  Buying and selling can be extremely stressful, but Yoko was very honest and professional through the entire process, which we greatly appreciated.  We will definitely call on Yoko in the future, and would refer her to all our friends looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area!

Sanny |
San Francisco

Two years ago my entire world was turned upside down when my husband unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 31.  I was suddenly thrown into making decisions that I never thought I would have to, alone. One of these decisions was to move out of the house that we were living in.  I wanted to be able to keep my daughter in the same school, same neighborhood surrounded by our loving community, this is where Jim Maloney came in.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jim when my husband and I started dating 12 years ago, I knew he was the only person I would call to help me stay in our community. A month and half after losing my husband I took possession of my home.  Jim made the process of a first time home purchase under my stressful circumstances go effortlessly.  He is kind, considerate and very professional.  Without his guidance, I would not have been able to go through the steps of purchasing a home, to secure our future




Sarah Paoli |
San Rafael

Brook Terhune will work very hard for you as your real estate agent. I would have gladly paid more for my wonderful house, but Brook did the right research and ended up saving me a fortune! I have 75,000 reasons to refer Brook. She is the kind of person that you want on your side in real estate.

Steve Murray |
Sonoma County

Karen Robertson Strain was really wonderful to work with me to help me sell my property in Santa Rosa.  She was there to help with the tenant situation and made sure that everything went smoothly.  I wish I had known her when I had sold my previous properties.  Thank you too to Janelle Fazackerley.

Zarah Carcamo |